Towards a Creative, Open, Private Smart Home

Our mission

We are a team of young engineers and makers who are passionate about open source technologies and the Internet of Things. Our mission is to address the problems with the existing smart home market which is built around personal data collection, insecure cloud services and locked-off ecosystems.

Voxel focuses on providing quality hardware, allowing easy integrations with existing platforms and not profitting from your data. All our software is available online and we actively encourage our users to install their own custom software.

Ben - CEO

A former engineer at Google X and Dyson, Ben has both leadership experience and extensive engineering skills spanning hardware and software.

Ellie - COO

Ellie is passionate about user driven technology, and has professional experience of developing user focused installations at Jason Bruges Studio.

Gabi - CCO

Gabi loves quick prototypes, but hates wiring things up and coding. Working at Apple made him realise the importance of designing user-friendly, powerful tools that allow people to focus just on creating.

Melisa - CMO

Melisa is an expert in graphic design and user experience. She has professional experience designing marketing material and graphics at CD Projekt.

Oli - CTO

Oli is our hardware expert, he is a keen smart home enthusiast and has professional experience developing consumer facing IOT tech from working at Magic Of Things Ltd.